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24/7 Services Following Strict CDC & EPA Guidelines

We are all worried about COVID-19 and the unknown of what has come with this. We are committed to sanitizing and disinfecting services for all residential, commercial retail, and public areas such as schools theaters shopping malls and etc.

san2Monaco group USA Inc, is focused on providing professional cleaning and disinfection services throughout the NYC/tri-state area. Our licensed and trained technicians follow strict CDC and EPA guidelines in order to completely and safely eliminate deadly viruses and bacteria from surfaces through a three-step method.

Step 1: 

First, we apply EPA registered disinfectant proven to kill viruses, bacteria, and allergens on contact through a high volume electrostatic sprayer to ensure all surfaces are covered.

Step 2: 

Next, we use commercial grade high-pressure vapor steamers operating at 350 degrees Fahrenheit over the disinfected surfaces to completely remove and kill any residue, bacteria, allergen, or virus. 

Step 3: 

Lastly, we wipe down all surfaces and certify that space has been cleaned and disinfected.

We are currently working around the clock to help flatten the curve and eliminate the current pandemic due to the deadly Covid-19 virus. Protect yourself and your business by contacting us today to take the proper defense. Current ongoing research all over the infected areas suggests that coronavirus may remain workable for hours to days on surfaces made from the variability of materials.

Though there are various practices being adopted all over the world to control the spreading of this deadly disease, When it comes to fighting with the Virus, it is essential that each and everyone will have to take this with the proper level of seriousness and take measures to protect the people who are most at risk, take the anxiety down one notch and get through this situation fight fully.

Finally you may wonder what’s the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing?

Well, to begin with, they both are methods of cleaning and removing germs, dirt, stains, and other substances from the surfaces of your home. However, disinfecting or using disinfectants eliminates the number of germs on a surface or in an area killing nearly 100% of germs on surfaces or objects, according to the CDC.

Barriers for Social Distancing


Let Monaco Group USA help to protect your business, customers, and employees by installing plexiglass or tempered glass sneeze guards. We can manufacture custom sneeze guards in any size or shape and customize them with any opening and mounting options.

Sneeze guards are easy to sanitize and are a great tool for stopping airborne contaminants from traveling while still providing an open feel. They help reduce the incidence of virus transmission and germs by safeguarding customers and employees. Sneeze guards are a great tool for stopping airborne contaminants from traveling while still providing an open feel.

plexi glass

Any businesses that have interaction between customers and employees can benefit from Sneeze Guards.



As a certified Sani-Pass™ Strategic Partner, Monaco Group USA now offers sanitizing and disinfecting services for all residential, commercial, retail, and public areas including schools, theaters, shopping malls, building lobbies, and offices.
Sani-Pass™ solutions provide real-time decontamination of all persons and objects entering your space and continuous, 24/7, efficient decontamination of all your spaces, even when populated.

Sani-Pass™ products include:

• Clear-Passage Solutions™ and
• Clear-Space Solutions™.

Both Clear-Passage Solutions™ and Clear-Space Solutions™ are completely harmless and provide disinfection and decontamination at efficiencies unrivaled by other, toxic, decontamination methods harmful to adults, children, and pets. The Sani-Pass certification™ provides your occupants with an unparalleled sense of freedom from viral, bacterial and other pathogens.
Clear-Space Solutions™ maintains populated spaces virtually free of infectious agents continuously.  Contact us for a free consultation for the design and build of perfect-fit Sani-Pass™ Clear-Passage antechambers for your entrances. In collaboration with our strategic partner we can provide residential, commercial or institutional custom built disinfection entrance rooms or areas, equipped with the latest technology, that will disinfect visitors as well as clothing or items brought into the space.
Once your passages have been safeguarded against infection agents, Monaco Group USA can design and implement a customized Clear-Space Solution™ for you, which will
maintain your spaces sanitized safely at all times, even when occupied.
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